Spring Brights Posy

Spring is here and our Posies will be making the most of it! It’s a great time of the year for flowers and plants. The warmer weather brings new growth and a wonderful array of blooms and colours.

Our posies always make the most of locally grown and seasonal florals so Spring is always an exciting time. It’s the perfect reason to give the gift of flowers no matter the occasion.

Spring Vintage Posy
Spring flowers in our Vintage Posy

Some of our favourite spring flowers


Waratah taking pride of place in the centre of our Large Natives Posy
A beautiful waratah taking pride of place in the centre of our large Natives Posy

Of course it’s a showstopper – that’s why it’s the floral emblem of New South Wales. This beautiful native dome shaped flower is most commonly seen in a bright red crimson, but hybrids have been developed with colours varying from white to pink and yellow. Flowering in spring for up to 6 weeks through September and October, the impressive flower head of the waratah is composed of 10 to 250 individual florets. They add a pop of colour to any arrangement and have a great vase life.


Petals upon petals upon petals…… Ranunculus are a cup shaped blossom with countless soft, paper thin petals that spiral inwards to form a tight ball shape centre. Available in a wide range of colours these are a favourite addition to spring wedding bouquets and vase arrangements. It flowers from late August through to mid-November.


Tall and colourful is what you will get here. The snapdragon is a double-sided flower spike available in a many of colours. Snapdragons are named after the flower, which looks similar to a dragon face, and when the flower is pressed gently on the sides, their ‘mouth’ can open and shut. Depending on the variety snapdragons grow to be a height between 15 to 120 centimetres. These flowers are available from May to November. They’re definitely an underappreciated flower in our opinion.

Delivering your Spring Posies

Our three posy themes – Natives, Vintage and Brights – make giving the gift of flowers easy. It takes the hassle out of choosing between the hundred same-same-but-different arrangements with a hundred different price points you get at many other florists.

Don’t forget: we do SAME DAY delivery if you order before 11am Monday to Friday, delivering to over 200 suburbs across western Sydney. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for all our latest news, events and posy photos

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20 April 2018

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