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Follow these five simple steps to take care of your flowers and achieve a great looking posy or bouquet that remains fresh and beautiful for as long as possible.

  1. Start with a clean vase & water
  2. Clean the flowers
  3. Cut your stems
  4. Position out of sunlight, aways from heaters, draughts & fruit
  5. Rejuvinate by repeating the above steps every few days

Large Vintage Posy1. THE VASE

Start with a clean vase filled with fresh, tepid water. For the best look, select the right size vase for your arrangement. We suggest keeping the vase at one-third to half the height of your posy.


Remove all wrapping from the posy.

Clean the flower stems. Stripping all the leaves below the water level will stop bacteria growing in the water. This will keep both your water and your flowers cleaner for longer.

3. CUT

With a sharp pair of scissors, cut 2cm from the bottom of the stems at an angle. This allows the stem to absorb water more rapidly.

Place your posy in the vase immediately.

Posies - Small


Position the vase out of direct sunlight, away from heaters and draughts. Direct sunlight can damage cut flowers and also causes them to open more quickly, meaning less time to enjoy your arrangement. Heaters and draughts can also dry your flowers out prematurely.

Keep your flowers away from fresh fruit too. As fruit ages it releases ethylene gas, which can trigger early death of fresh flowers.


Every few days recut the stems as we described above, rinse vase and replace with clean water. This will prolong the life of your arrangement. You can add floral preservative to the water, or alternatively you can add a teaspoon of household bleach every few days to keep the bacteria from growing.


We hope that these simple steps will help keep your posy looking its best so that you enjoy them even longer.

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