We’d love to be able to offer you our beautiful flowers as we usually do, but due to a few factors we’ve had to put our posies on hold. There was enormous demand for Mother’s Day with growers now left with very limited stock, hampered too by a cold snap, and on top of this there’s the knock-on effects from the lack of imports due to COVID-19. This has made the cost of making a beautiful, affordable posy just too high for the time being.

We do have a great range of plants for you to choose from though. We’re extending our range of gift packs that include plants so you can have a greater choice of gifts to choose from. Our plants make a great alternative to flowers – they’ll continue to grow with a bit of care – and they come housed in a range of cool planters.


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The Good Brew

From: $50.00


From: $59.00

Tasty Trio

From: $61.00

Zanzibar Gem

From: $55.00

Fluffy Succer

From: $47.00

Parlour Palm

From: $55.00

Arrowhead Plant

From: $55.00

Hot Chocolate

From: $61.00


From: $50.00


From: $85.00

Citrus Succer

From: $35.00

Sweet Thing

From: $129.00


From: $38.00


From: $64.00

Pretty Vibes

From: $81.00


From: $38.00


From: $38.00